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We are the McCormick United Methodist Church (MUMC). Our congregation loves God and cares for one another. We share in each other’s joys and provide mutual support and prayers during tough times. We have fun as we work together doing the work of God. We reach up to God and reach out to our friends and neighbors both near and far.
We welcome visitors with the same love and energy. The members of MUMC care about you and your well-being. We want to get to know you, your joys, your concerns, your prayer needs and your spiritual gifts.
We invite you to join us at either the 8:30 AM or 11:00 AM service on Sunday!
By Rev. Nels Ledwell
Someone Flipped the Switch
Bishop Bob Morgan in his book, “Who’s Coming To Dinner?” tells a powerful story about a Dutch pastor and his family, who during the second World War, got into big troublewith the Nazis. The Dutch pastor and his family had been hiding Jewish people in their home to keep them safe from Hitler’s forces. They were eventually found out.
One night, in the darkness, they heard the sound of heavy boots and the loud impatient knocking on the door. They were arrested and loaded into a cattle car to be takento one of the notorious death camps. All night long the Dutch pastor and his family rode along in heart-breaking anguish, jostling against one another and against the other prisoners who were jammed into the train cattle car. They were stripped of any formof dignity and absolutely terrified. They knew they were being taken to one of Hitler’s extermination centers. But which one? Would it be Auschwitz, Buchenwald, or Dachau?
Finally, the long night ended and the train stopped. The doors of the cattle car were opened and light streamed into that tragic scene. They were marched out and were linedup beside the railroad tracks, resigned to unspeakable pain, as they knew they would be separated from each other and ultimately killed. But in the midst of their gloom, they discovered some amazing good news… good news beyond belief. They discovered in thebright morning sunlight that they were not in a death camp at all, not in Germany at all. Rather, they were in Switzerland!
During the night, someone through personal courage and daring had tripped a switch… and sent the train to Switzerland… and to freedom. And those now who came to them werenot their captors at all, but rather their liberators. Instead of being marched to death, they were welcomed to new life. In the midst of his joy and relief, the Dutch pastor said, “What do you do with such a gift?”
Something like that happened to the disciples at Pentecost. They were afraid, confused, unsure, overwhelmed… and then came this incredible gift… the gift of the Holy Spirit!It turned their lives around… and empowered by this amazing gift, they went out and turned the world upside down. James Moore, a great writer and preacher told this story in one of his books. At the end he asked his readers this question, “What Will You DoWith Such a Gift?
I ask you, What will We do with such a Gift?
See You in Church,
Trinity Sunday
Scripture Lessons:
Romans 5: 1-5
Background texts… John 16: 12-15 and Romans 12
Message: “Our Quest for the Elusive Truth and Peace”
Audio recordings of sermons are available here:
On June 9, we had the privilege of hearing Rev Cheyl D Toothe speak about the Native American tribes in South Carolina. They are rich in traditions that are often misinterpreted. Rev. Toothe took the time at both services and in the Fellowship Hall between services to explain many of their traditions and share her many artifacts. It was very enlightening!
Rev Toothe also shared with us that the communities in their ministry have drug and alcohol problems, as well as poverty. Their ministry addressesthese issues, and churches like MUMC give them the funds they need to provide scholarships for Native American seminary students and continue with their mission to help the communities.
If you would like to contribute, send your check (payable to MUMC noted Native American fund) to the church office.
For more pictures from Native American Sunday, go to http://www.mccormickumc.org/native-american-sunday-2019
The Nehemiah Work Group of McCormick United Methodist Church put up two ramps this past week. Both referrals came through our church. One application was from the church secretary and the other application from Gail Gore.
Gail saw the need while doing a “Meals on Wheels” delivery. Our work team contacted the Upper Savannah Agency for the Aged in Greenwood. They are a state and federal program that provides funds for elderly people with safety issues. The Agency provided the funds for us to build both ramps.
Artice Cole lives on Church Street in McCormick and she is 92 years old with mobility issues. She is very alert and really appreciated the ramp that will enable her to leave her home.
Clara Roberts lives on Roosevelt Drive in McCormick and she lost one leg and is in a wheelchair. Gail contacted us because she saw that Clara was at a disadvantage to leave her home. Again Clara is very appreciative for the ramp and when we finished she came out by herself for a picture.
Helping others has been a great feeling for our volunteer workers: Bob Weiss, Gordie Waine, Ray Crace and Bob Struck. Both days were near 100 degrees and we completed the projects without any personal injuries or heat strokes!
You can join United Methodist Women locally, district-wide, nationwide, and internationally by participating in the UMW Reading Program! McCormick UMW will host this year’s UMW Annual Meeting for the Greenwood District on Saturday, September 21, and it would be great to show our support for the UMW Reading Program by our participation when recognition is given to the UMW units in the Greenwood District.
Click the links to view/print the 2018 UMW Book List,
Thank you in advance for your support of this program that not only connects us as United Methodist Women but also encourages members to think critically about current issues, deepens our spirituality, and broadens our understanding of the mission work of United Methodist Women. Books from previous years are also available to be checked out from our Church Library.
For additional information, visit www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/readingprogram

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Upcoming Events

June 14… Morning Glories Lunch and tour of topiaries
June 15-22… Salkehatchie Summer Service in McCormick
June 15 – Salkehatchie Dinner – Summer Service Persons Only
June 30… Fifth Sunday Service at 10AM with Lunch following
July 14 … Bake Sale (Congregational Care)
July 18 .. UMW Dinner meeting 6pm
August 18… Church Picnic Baker Creek
August 22… Green Jackets Baseball Game
Sept 14… Lasagna Dinner
Sept 21… UMW District Meeting at MUMC
Sept 29.. Fifth Sunday.. Service at 10am with lunch following
Oct 5… MUMC Craft Show and Cookie Factory
Oct 13…Stewardship Sunday
Oct 17.. Joint UMW and Men N Ministry Dinner Meeting 6pm
Oct 19…Rise Against Hunger
Oct 26 … Celebration of First Responders Dinner 6pm
Oct 27 … Birthday Party (Congregational Care)
Nov 17.. Stephen Minister Sunday
Dec 29.. Fifth Sunday.. Service at 10am with lunch following
The Morning Glories set up a fun day and invite you to join them!
They are doing lunch at Fat Daddy’s at 11am and then will go together and see the topiaries (Festival of Flowers!)
They are leaving from the church at 10:15. No problem if you did not sign up. Lindy said the sign up was to make sure they did not leave anyone and to give them an approximate number.
On June 30, there will be one service.. 10AM.. followed by a MUMC lunch!
Everyone is encouraged to be there! Feel free to bring your visitors, neighbors and friends!
Don and his crew will provide grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and we are asked to bring either a side or dessert. There will be sign up the next two Sundays(June 16 and June 23) in the fellowship hall … so they can get an idea of the number that will be attending.
Men N Ministry are planning another Green Jacket baseball outing this summer at the North Augusta stadium. They have arranged for twenty tickets to start, but hope to have to keep ordering more! The cost is $10 per ticket.
Everyone is welcome.. men, women, children, neighbors, visitors and friends!! The more the merrier!
The date is Thursday, August 22. The Greenjackets will be playing the Asheville Tourists (Colorado Rockies) and the game will be an evening game. Time will be announced, as well as plans for carpooling from the church.
Meanwhile, if you are interested, please let Lyn Bourne know.