There will be one service at 10am until further notice. Masks are required.
You can also worship with us online with MUMC LIVE.


The Gratitude Attitude
In A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Rev. John R. Ramsey tells how, in one church, a certain person provided him with a rose boutonniere for the lapel of his suit every Sunday. At first he really appreciated it, but then it sort of became routine.
Then one Sunday it became very special.
As he was leaving the Sunday Service a young boy walked up to him and said, “Sir, what are you going to do with your flower?”
At first the preacher didn’t know what the boy was talking about. When it sank in, he pointed to the rose on his lapel and asked the boy, “Do you mean this?”
The boy said, “Yes, sir. If you’re just going to throw it away, I would like it.”
The preacher smiled and told him he could have the flower and then casually asked what he was going to do with it. The boy, who was probably no more than 10 years old, looked up at the preacher and said, “Sir, I’m going to give it to my granny. My mother and father divorced last year. I was living with my mother, but she married again, and wanted me to live with my father. I lived with him for a while, but he said I couldn’t stay, so he sent me to live with my grandmother. She is so good to me. She cooks for me and takes care of me. She has been so good to me that I wanted to give her that pretty flower for loving me.”
When the little boy finished, the preacher could hardly speak. His eyes filled with tears and he knew he had been touched by God. He reached up and unpinned the rose. With the flower in his hand, he looked at the boy and said, “Son, that is the nicest thing that I’ve ever heard but you can’t have this flower because it’s not enough. If you’ll look in front of the pulpit, you’ll see a big bouquet of flowers. Different families buy them for the Church each week. Please take those flowers to your granny because she deserves the very best.”
Then the boy made one last statement which Rev. Ramsey said he will always treasure. The boy said, “What a wonderful day! I asked for one flower but got a beautiful bouquet.”
That’s the thankful spirit. That’s the gratitude attitude. And it’s that attitude that should guide our giving and our lives. Like that boy’s granny, God has blessed us so much. God has been so good to us that giving shouldn’t even be a question. It should just flow from us naturally.
This week, take time to be Thankful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Week!
Your Pastor,

Preparing for Worship

November 27, 2020
First Sunday of Advent
MESSAGE: “JOY” – Don Tummons
Audio recordings of our services are available at https://www.mccormickumc.org/media/sermons
MUMC welcomes Jim and Diane from Watertown, South Dakota!
Jim is a retired Methodist minister and is showing interest in working with our Congregational Care team, and Jeanne has already talked to Diane about being part of our choir and special music!
Kindness Update — God’s Loving Kindness!
With new pandemic guidelines and warnings from the CDC, our Thanksgiving 2020 plans give pause for careful thought and consideration. The important task is figuring out how to stay safe in your particular situation and how to manage feelings about skipping annual family Thanksgiving traditions. The key is to be smart and be aware of the risk in your particular area.
With talk of pandemic lockdowns, it is encouraging to know that we will never experience a “kindness lockdown”! Kindness is, after all, the great motivator that keeps us all going because it is deeply rooted in our faith and makes us grateful. There are no more beautiful words than those of the song below. It says everything we need to say about Thanksgiving.
“Give Thanks” by Don Moen
Give thanks with a grateful heart; give thanks to the Holy One,
Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son!
And now, let the weak say “I am strong”, let the poor say “I am rich
because of what the Lord has done for us!”
Give Thanks!
This week’s Kindness entries are reminders of why we give our thanks!
In the Food Lion parking lot this past week, I was approached by an elderly man who asked if I could spare $2 so he could purchase some kerosene. I gave him the $2 and he went on his way. Afterwards, it dawned on me, “I need a Blessing Bag in my car!” I will be prepared the next time someone approaches me for help!
The McCormick Messenger staff reported a couple of kindnesses shown to them recently: The McCormick Garden Club kindly donated one of their beautiful Christmas wreaths to the office. They also received special remembrances on World Kindness Day on November 13.
Have you seen God today? If you see God at work this week, there are two ways you can share what you saw!
1) Be a blessing to others by sharing your Act of Kindness (no names please) on our website, or use this link! Then check back each week to learn how others are passing on acts of kindness! The link is https://www.mccormickumc.org/acts-of-kindness
2) There is a Kindness box in the library on the window sill, along with paper and pencil. Share your God-Wink, perhaps someone else will be inspired!
Donna Hutto, Worship Committee, thanks all those that stayed on Sunday and set up for Christmas! With so many willing hands, it was completed in a short period of time!
For the Christmas Holidays, we will be decorating the sanctuary with beautiful poinsettias.
If you would like to purchase a poinsettia in memory or in honor of a love one, please fill out the form in the bulletin.
If you are not attending church, include your information with a check for $3.98 per poinsettia. Make the check out to MUMC, and bring by or send to the church at MUMC P.O. Box 267, McCormick, SC 29835.

Your poinsettia may be picked up after the Christmas Eve Services so you can enjoy them at home. If you are not interested in taking them home, please indicate on your form, and we will share your poinsettia with our shut-ins.

All orders and payment must be received at the church by November 30th.

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Upcoming Events

For the time being, masks and social distancing will be required at all meetings.

The Trustees have scheduled our annual Church outside “freshening up” work party for Saturday morning, December 12, from 9:00-12:00. This will also include the side parking lot.
We plan to rake the mulched areas and add a small of amount of new mulch. We also will be pulling weeds, trimming some bushes and spraying some Wet and Forget to remove the dark stains from the front of the Church and sidewalk.
All gifts must be in by December 6th. They can be left in the second classroom from the Fellowship Hall. For questions, call Gail Gore at.
We wish to thank everyone who contributed to the Elder Basket Fund this year.
Food and household items will be purchased to help Native Americans in need. God has blessed your donations of $1301.98. We also thank Bordeaux Worship Center for their $500.00 gift.
Have a wonderful Holiday season and again Thank You for your support. – McCormick United Methodist Church Native American Committee
We are inviting everyone to read the Bible through in 2021!
The Bible we are using is The Daily Walk, NLT version.
Everyday has a short overview and devotion before the daily scripture. It’s about 3-4 pages a day.
Please take a look at the Bible in the fellowship hall before ordering. If that’s not possible give Toni Graham a call.
This is something that brings our church family closer with even the members who are still at home.
Let’s make 2021 a year of spiritual growth.