Acts of Kindness

Now that the rains have stopped, why not get out your sidewalk chalk and leave a message somewhere.. on your driveway, on the road between golf holes, the church parking lot, any where! Here is what Jessica did with some help from Mom (Linda Kidd) in Myrtle Beach! Send us yours!
1) Be a blessing to others by sharing your Act of Kindness (no names please) below. Then check back each week to learn how others are passing on acts of kindness.
2) There is a Kindness box in the library on the window sill, along with paper and pencil. Share your God-Wink, perhaps someone else will be inspired!
Responses submitted below will be shared here on our website and in our weekly email newsletter the “BLAST”.

 Previous Submissions

It’s beautiful to see all the acts of kindness going around during this desperate time. Teachers reaching out to help students at home; people calling and sending cards to shut ins and asking if they need anything; I could go on and on.
On March 20 and 21, my daughter and grandchildren joined their neighbors who were looking for something to do that’s safe and gets them out of the house during this time of pandemic restrictions. They went outside and wrote uplifting messages and drawings on their sidewalks with colorful sidewalk chalk. Later they took a walk to see what their other neighbors had created on the sidewalk! It is hoped that others will become Chalkers, spread some kindness, and Chalk their Walks!
I have been so touched by those giving me a call saying they have to go into town and do I need anything. I have to go into town on Monday and have called others to see what they may need.
In the check-out line at the store, I overheard a customer compliment the clerk as she was checking out on how well stocked the store was.
I observed a young child holding the door open for her mother as they were leaving the store, then she held the door open for me!
I saw a chain reaction of kindness in my neighborhood when I observed a man who cut the lawn of his neighbor (a disabled veteran). While he was doing that, another of his neighbors came over and edged his yard!
Some years ago I started a practice of not re-claiming my quarter at Aldi’s when I return my shopping cart – I simply put the cart back into the stall behind the other carts, ready for the next shopper to pull out for use without having to insert a coin. In a hurry the other day, and without a quarter, I found the next available cart had been left ready to use with no coin insert needed! I hope that my very tiny gesture might have made someone else’s day the way someone else’s did mine that day!
I observed the generosity and kindness of a man who gave a $40 tip to a waitress who went out of her way to show extra special kindness to a special needs customer.
I had someone tell me recently that something I said to her years ago changed the way she looked at and lived her life. You never know what small thing you say or do can make such a difference.
Saw a woman struggling with the pumps at the “new” gas station and a teenager driving by on a bike stopped to help her…..
McCormick Girl Scouts want to thank the ladies of MUMC for a fun meeting mixing, rolling and cutting out dog biscuits – the Scouts will spread the kindness when they deliver the treats to the Humane Society….
Taking a friend that is ill to lunch….
Took my hairdresser a casserole so she wouldn’t have to cook when she got home….
A very special lady purchased dinner for the McCormick Men’s Basketball Team at Texas Roadhouse…