Happenings – August 6, 2019

By Rev. C. Nels Ledwell
How Wealthy Are We?
From the standpoint of material wealth, we Americans have difficulty realizing how rich we are. Robert Heilbroner, who has written dozens of books on the subject of the economy, suggest that we go through a little mental exercise that will help us count our blessings. Imagine doing the following, and you will see how daily life is for more than a billion people in the world.
1. Take out all the furniture in your home except for one table and a couple of chairs. Use blanket and pads for beds.
2. Take away all of your clothing except for your oldest dress or suit, shirt or blouse. Leave only one pair of shoes.
3. Empty the pantry and the refrigerator except for a small bag of flour, some sugar and salt, a few potatoes, some onions, and a dish of dried beans.
4. Dismantle the bathroom, shut off the running water, and remove all the electrical wiring in your house.
5. Take away the house itself and move the family into the tool shed.
6. Place your “house” in a shantytown.
7. Cancel all subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, and book clubs. This is no great loss because now none of you can read anyway.
8. Leave only one radio for the whole shantytown.
9. Move the nearest hospital or clinic ten miles away and put a midwife in charge instead of a doctor.
10. Throw away your bankbooks, stock certificates, pension plans, and insurance policies. Leave the family a cash hoard of ten dollars.
11. Give the head of the family a few acres to cultivate on which he can raise a few hundred dollars of cash crops, of which one third will go to the landlord and one tenth to the money lenders.
12. Lop off twenty-five or more years in life expectancy.
By comparison how rich we are! And with our wealth comes responsibility. We should use it wisely, not be wasteful, and use all we have to glorify God.
God is so Good. Nels
Scripture Lesson: Hebrews 11: 1-3, 8-16
Message: The Audacity of Faith
Audio recordings of sermons are available here:
Don shared his talent of speaking on August 4 when he preached his sermon, “Waiting and Waiting”. As always, Don included thought-provoking lines that you think about all week!
He ended his sermon with.. Connect with God’s Word! Cling to God’s Plan! Lean on God for Strength!
Thank you Don, MUMC is fortunate to have you in our church!
Audio recordings of sermons are available here:
Thank you to Billie Samec and Jeanne Thornburg for singing “Great is They Faithfulness” at both services. It was a delight to hear two old friends sharing their talents together for us! Very special, ladies, thank you!
Needed:  Lay Readers
8:30 services- September
11:00 services- October
If you are willing to be a reader one of these 2 months, please call or email Lindy Stahlman.
Pain is something we all are aware of … and the first thing we think of is physical pain like what we feel when we stub our toe, fall and break a bone, cut ourselves with a knife, have surgery … you get the idea. Medicine has even come up with a ‘pain scale’ and many of you have had your medical professional ask you, “On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst … what is your pain level now?” So to help alleviate pain (especially the 8-10 variety) science has done a lot of investigation into what causes pain … specifically why we feel it at all (study into the nerves of our body) as well as how it can be relieved via drugs … the most popular way … or physical therapy or massage .
But … there is a second kind of pain. Mental pain. This kind of pain rarely seems to be physical … but mostly has to do with our ability to cope with life. They have a scale for it too … starting with a 1 (I feel great!) to a 10 (I have so much mental and emotional distress that I can NOT function!). On this Mental Health Pain Scale there is a point at which they indicate that maybe you want to talk to a health care professional. That point is a “5” … which means that for 6 levels of ‘mental pain’ you may need some help with dealing with this type of pain.
Stephen Ministry is available at MUMC to help with pain. We can’t help with the physical pain (for that you need a medical professional like your pharmacist or physician) … but we CAN HELP with the mental pain … mainly by being there to listen to why that pain is there to begin with. We listen to why you have that mental pain and hope Christ works through us to help … and if we find that your mental pain is too far up the scale (like 8-10) we can still help you find someone who is trained to go steps further.
If you need someone to listen to you in a confidential, one-on-one relationship … …someone with whom you can share your feelings, and receive acceptance and Christian love … someone to help with the “mental pain” of life … please consider being in a relationship with a Stephen Minister at MUMC. Start by calling Pastor Nels or one of the Stephen Leaders thru the church office (864-852-2394).
Snacks and coffee are available each Sunday between the two services.. come and help yourself and take the time to chat with those leaving the 8:30am service while munching on goodies!
Would you be willing to provide a plate of coffeecake/muffins/cookies for the Sunday Morning coffee time following the 8:30am service? Refreshments do not have to be elaborate.. just 24 to 36 pieces of something to munch on is fine!
There is a sign up in the fellowship hall.. sign up for your turn!
Back to School is here and the Backpack Ministry is gearing up to pack approximately 120 backpacks each week for the McCormick school children. Our church is responsible for one week a month and because of the revised school calendar, there are some months we will not be doing the packing. If you would like to volunteer for one of the three jobs please sign up on the sheet in fellowship hall. Another way you can help is to double bag your clean and dry grocery bags, fold them in half lengthwise and bring them to Fellowship Hall.
Please consider volunteering for this wonderful mission, it might only take an hour of your time every other month. Any questions please contact Connie Tremsky.

Click the image above to view our event calendar.

Aug 11… Creighton Scholarship Will Be Awarded
Aug 18… Church Picnic Baker Creek
Aug 22… Green Jackets Baseball Game
Sept 8… Epworth Children’s Home Sunday
Sept 14… Lasagna Dinner
Sept 18… Charge Conference
Sept 21… UMW District Meeting at MUMC
Sept 28… Donnell Harris Concert 7pm Reception Following
Sept 29.. Fifth Sunday.. Service at 10am with lunch following
Oct 5… MUMC Craft Show and Cookie Factory
Oct 13…Stewardship Sunday
Oct 17.. Joint UMW and Men N Ministry Dinner Meeting 6pm
Oct 19…Rise Against Hunger
Oct 26 … Celebration of First Responders Dinner 6pm
Oct 27 … Birthday Party (Congregational Care)
Nov 17.. Stephen Minister Sunday
Dec 29.. Fifth Sunday.. Service at 10am with lunch following
Come to 11:00 service on August 11 and help celebrate with our 2019 Creighton Scholarship recipient and her family!
The Creighton Scholarship was established in 1997 in memory of Elmer F. and Alma G. Creighton by their son, W.P. Creighton. It provides financial assistance for higher education needs of qualified students from McCormick United Methodist Churches, or to another MHS graduate. The amount of the scholarship each year is based on the interest earned in the Creighton Endowment fund. The Creighton’s son William Creighton lives in Dunn NC. He will receive a letter thanking him for his continued gift, and sharing the winner’s information.
On Sunday, August 18, we will be worshipping at Baker’s Creek in the Pavilion. The service will be at 10am and will be very informal.. flip flops, shorts….cool and comfortable is the word!
We will be having a picnic following. .The Church will provide the chicken, drinks and paper products. Sign up in the fellowship hall.
If you are out of town, or for some reason forget to sign up…. Please email Barb Shelley and she will sign you up.. please indicate the dish you will be brining to share.
Come by boat, if you’d like.. anchor to the right of the pavilion.. easy walk. There is a beach area, so bring your suits if you’d like to swim.. How about asking your neighbors to join us?
The response has been strong to the initial survey. Keep ‘em coming!
Few things..
1) There is room at the bottom for anything you want to add… perhaps do something not listed, or willing to help, but not sure where.. or want to continue on a particular committee or task. 2) There are paper copies on the table outside the sanctuary. When completed, please put in the communications box outside the office.
3) Stewardship Committee asks EACH of you fill out a survey, individually.. not as a family
4) Again, here is the link.. the survey is very short.. complete it now!
Lyn Bourne will have the tickets on Sunday between the services. The cost is $10 per ticket. If making out a check, please make it payable to Lyn.
SEPT 14 5-7PM
The Mission Outreach Committee has planned a lasagna dinner for Saturday, September 14. The dinner will include appetizer, salad, rolls, lasagna, and a dessert. Tickets will be available soon at $13 a ticket (2 for $25). The proceeds will support “Rise Against Hunger” and Mission Outreach projects.
Plans are underway for the fifth Craft Show and Cookie Factory! There will be 12 vendors in the Fellowship Hall, plus the famous Cookie Factory. If needed, we will use the classroom for more vendors. There will also be vendors outdoors and possibly in the atrium.
We ask those vendors that have been with us first, then we ask for vendors from our church, and if we need more, we put out notices to SLV and McCormick community. We started the process last week by sending emails to last year’s vendors and a couple who expressed interest during the year, and in one day we had seven of the 12 spots in the Fellowship Hall filled, and two outside. If you are interested, please email Barb Shelley  and she will send you the information and forms.
Mike Tallent
Sundee Luedecke
Beverly Snyder
Nancy Tutt
Harry Shelley
Jack Alfredson
Rob Rennie
Roger Wideman
Katie Lindley
Don Tummons
Mary Wright
Gail Nordyke
Betty Smith
Mary Ruth Haworth
Jim Lambeth
Bob Wieboldt
Madge Krotzer
Ken Moffett
Caren Larate
Paula LeMond
Abbie Caywood
Mary Parnell
Tillie Freeland
Ed Bowser
Byron Thompson
Archer Marx
Lisa Talbert
Sam Krotzer
Sue Wurtzbacher
John Yerdon
Arvid Perez
Betty Francavilla
Charlotte Tallent
Ellen Zimmerman
Emilee Groh
Bill Schott
August Luedecke
Linda Higgins
Wayne Smith
Linda Bowser
Mitch Mitchell
Sue Mitchell
Elaine Baggett
Fred Fuller
Brian Gore
Dan Higgins
Connie Robinson
Byron & Mary Thompson
Jimmy & Betty Smith
Terry and Carol Williams
Mike & Glenda Sartain
Harry & Barb Shelley
Don & Carol Tummons
Don and Janet Smith
Dan & Linda Higgins
Susan & Robert Crowley
Dick & Wendy Kvale
Jerry & Lyn Miller
Ronald & Shirley Garling
Ken & Shirley Moffett
Joe and Caren Larate
Don & Betty Francavilla