Happenings – October 1, 2019

By Rev. C. Nels Ledwell
The Priorities of a Servant
Michael Green writes about a young boy, James, who had the desire to be the most famous manufacturer and salesman of cheese in the world. He planned on becoming rich and famous by making and selling cheese. He began with a little buggy pulled by a pony, named Paddy. After making his cheese, he would load his wagon and he and Paddy would drive down the streets of Chicago to sell the cheese. As the months passed, the young boy began to despair because he was not making any money, in spite of his long hours and hard work.
One day he pulled his pony to a stop and began to talk to him. He said, “Paddy, there is something wrong. We are not doing it right. I am afraid we have things turned around and our priorities are not where they ought to be. Maybe we ought to serve God and place him first in our lives.” The boy drove home and made a covenant that for the rest of his life he would first serve God and then would work as God directed.
Many years after this, the young boy, now a man, stood as Sunday School Superintendent at North Shore Baptist Church in Chicago and said, “I would rather be a layman in the North Shore Baptist Church than to head the greatest corporation in America. My first job is serving Jesus.”
So, every time you take a take a bite of Philadelphia Cream cheese, sip a cup of Maxwell House, mix a quart of Kool-Aid, slice up a DiGiorno Pizza, cook a pot of Macaroni & Cheese, spread some Grey Poupon, stir a bowl of Cream of Wheat, slurp down some Jell-O, eat the cream out of the middle of an Oreo cookie, or serve some Stove Top, remember a boy, his pony named Paddy, and the promise little James L. Kraft made to serve God and work as He directed.
There is something wonderful about putting God first!
See You in Church This Sunday,
Preparing for World Communion Sunday October 6, 2019
SCRIPTURE LESSON: 2 Timothy 1: 1-14
MESSAGE: “Your Formula for Internal Revival”
Audio Recordings of Sermons are available at https://www.mccormickumc.org/media/sermons/
Saturday was an outstanding evening, thanks to Donnell’s talents on the piano! There was a huge crowd there to enjoy his music, and we were all so proud of you, Donnell! You even looked sharp! Congratulations from the MUMC family!
Days are getting shorter …nights longer … and there is less light in your life. I know this seems like a silly thing to think about but there is a correlation between decreased sunlight and depression. The less sunlight in your life the less your body is able to make those necessary antidepressant chemicals needed in your brain. For some people this can be devastating. There’s even a name for this … Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
Usually SAD can be self-diagnosed … and symptoms include fatigue, hopelessness, social withdrawal, anxiety, apathy, discontent, loss on interest, sleep too much OR have insomnia, have appetite changes, be irritable, lack concentration … you can google SAD and see the full list. Nevertheless, you should discuss your symptoms with your primary care physician. A physician can help you decide if your depression is, indeed, SAD, and if so what kinds of treatment may help you. Treatments vary from increased exercise to light therapy to medications … and sometimes a referral to a specialist.
It’s important to remember that depression, any type, is NOT a character defect, a spiritual disorder or an emotional dysfunction. It is a disease – and NOT a choice. Depression IS NOT a sin! And another point … often depression and anxiety do not look like we expect it to look. There are certainly people out there, yourself or someone you know, who are suffering from depression and yet no one knows … not even yourself!!
Where am I going here? I want to let you know that regardless of what you and your physician decide to do about your depression you may still need to do something to break that cycle of depression. One thing you can do is share your feelings with a Stephen Minister. We will endeavor to help … just by listening.
So remember … If you are experiencing any symptoms of SAD or any type of depression and you need someone to listen to you, with whom you can share your feelings and receive acceptance and Christian love, please consider being in a relationship with a Stephen Minister at MUMC. Start by calling Pastor Nels or one of the Stephen Leaders thru the church office at (864)-852-2394.  
Many thanks to Donna Hutto and the worship committee for organizing another awesome pot luck! Methodists are known for their cooking skills… we are definitely proof of that!

Click the image above to view our event calendar.

Oct 5… MUMC Craft Show and Cookie Factory
Oct 12… Yoga – Biblical Scriptures and eight limbs of Yoga
Oct 13… Stewardship Sunday
Oct 17.. Joint UMW and Men N Ministry Dinner Meeting 6pm
Oct 19…Rise Against Hunger
Oct 27 … Birthday Party (Congregational Care)
Nov 17.. Stephen Minister Sunday
Dec 7… Yoga – Cultivating an attitude of gratitude
Dec 29.. Fifth Sunday.. Service at 10am with lunch following
Everyone needs to be there on Saturday, to welcome our guests! (Also to chat, and eat cookies and brats!!)
Schedule for Cookie Factory volunteers is in the Fellowship Hall on the easel.
Bakers… Please bring your baked goods to the church on Friday (Oct 4) between 3 and 6. If you did not get signed up, that’s fine, still bring your baked goods that Friday. If bringing in pans that need returning, please clearly mark them with your name.
We will need a few strong backs to set up tables, please contact Barb Shelley if you are available on Thursday, Oct 3 at 5:45pm.. will take less than an hour.
Lindy Stahlman is chair this year, if you have any questions or suggestion
Next dinner meeting will be held on October 1 at 6pm.
Speaker will be Terry Wilson, author newly released book, Cursed by Bias Diplomacy. With greed and corruption prevalent on both sides of the Atlantic and the British Treasury nearly depleted by wars, Parliament looks to its English colonies in America for more revenue. Colonies are not happy. For more information on his books, go to his website at https://terrywilsonsite.com/
All men are welcome to attend.. No need to sign up, just show up!
There will be a joint UMM-UMW meeting on Thursday October 17th. Due to this meeting there will be no Men N Ministry meeting in November.
Saturday, Oct 19
McCormick United Methodist Church will host its 7th Rise against Hunger, Food Packaging Event. On October 19, seventy-five volunteers will meet at the Church to package approximately 15,000 meals in just 2 hours. When completed, our community will have packaged over 135,000 meals, during the past 7 year period.
The event brings together persons from various Churches and communities throughout the county, including young people from the school.
The food is shipped from Charlotte, NC to countries around the world. Monetary Gifts are always welcome to help offset the cost of food supplies. Gifts should be made out to McCormick United Methodist Church, earmarked “Rise Against Hunger.”
Any and all persons are welcome to volunteer, please sign up in the fellowship hall.
Fifth Annual Fall Men’s & Women’s Dinner Set for October 17
All men and women of the church are invited to attend the fifth annual fall dinner meeting of McCormick United Methodist Men and Women that is scheduled for Thursday evening, October 17 at 6 p.m. in the Church Fellowship Hall. A delicious meal is being planned, of course! For those who missed this event last year and for those who were there and enjoyed it so much, you will be pleased to hear that the program will again feature Christian beach music. Guest musician will be Larry Freeland, a McCormick native who lives in Greenwood, and he calls his performance, “Lost in the Fifties”. He will perform some very popular beach music selections to which he has adapted Christian lyrics. It’s for sure you will want to tap your feet and sing along! More detailed information will be forthcoming – be sure to mark your calendars for this fun event!
From Shannon Stewart…
There will be four half day Christian yoga workshops offered on the following Saturdays:
  • October 12–Biblical scriptures and the eight limbs of yoga
  • November 2–Yoga postures to alleviate shoulder and neck pain
  • December 7–Cultivating an attitude of gratitude
If you are staying for the entire day, please bring a snacks to eat during the breaks or during the workshop time.
Forty-Five completed so far… Keep ‘em coming!
Few things..
1) There is room at the bottom for anything you want to add… perhaps do something not listed, or willing to help, but not sure where.. or want to continue on a particular committee or task. 2) There are paper copies on the table outside the sanctuary. When completed, please put in the communications box outside the office.
3) Stewardship Committee asks EACH of you fill out a survey, individually.. not as a family
4) Again, here is the link.. the survey is very short.. complete it now!
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