United Methodist Women

Sue Yerdon – President
Tina Sims – Secretary
Connie Tremsky – Treasurer
Lindy Stahlman – Spiritual Growth Coordinator
Emilee Groh – Program Resources Coordinator.
Linda Kidd – Greenwood District Liaison
Purpose: United Methodist Women (UMW) shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.
UMW Mission Initiatives
The entire program and organization of United Methodist Women focuses on mission. Our mission initiatives include:
Providing opportunities to grow spiritually
Equipping women & girls to be leaders
Providing transformative educational experiences
Organizing for growth & flexibility
Working for justice through service and advocacy
Meeting Schedule: Meetings are held quarterly at 6 P.M. on the 3rd Thursday of January, April, July and October in the Church Fellowship Hall.




Don’t miss out! Add Thursday, April 20 to your calendar right now! That is the date of the next UMW dinner meeting. The committee of Ingrid Fuller, Sundee Luedecke, Barb Shelley, and Carol Tummons will be ready for you and your guests!


Women’s Annual Winter Dinner Meeting on January 19

The hostesses for the evening did a great job of decorating, welcoming and cooking! Thank you to Linda Kidd, Shannon Stewart, Lindy Stahlman and Sue Mickel for delicious Corn Chowder and the cheery atmosphere! I don’t believe there was too much of that chowder left over!
Gay Forney did a great job in delivering the devotional. She spoke on Gifts that Keep on Giving! Gay’s gift is obvious to us now, she shares God’s lesson with insight and love, which makes for thought provoking moments among those in attendance!
The guest speaker was Marcia Miller, Treasurer of the Greenwood District United Women in Faith. She explained the pledge cards and talked about the areas that receive the funds. We appreciated Marcia taking the time to drive to our meeting and share about the missions we are funding.
Don’t miss out! Add Thursday, April 20 to your calendar right now! That is the date of the next UMW dinner meeting. The committee of Ingrid Fuller, Sundee Luedecke, Barb Shelley, and Carol Tummons will be ready for you and your guests!
Photos from the UMW Annual Winter Dinner Meeting on January 19, 2023

McCormick UMW Fall Dinner Meeting

There were 35 in attendance at the UMW Fall dinner meeting on September 2. Since it was the first meeting in 18 months, everyone seemed excited to be together. The meeting’s theme was Sea You in September! and the decorations put you in a restful, beach atmosphere. The women of the church would like to thank Ron Hutto for the two churns of delicious homemade ice cream he contributed as a wonderful finish to their salad meal!
(Left Photo) During the meeting, participants in the 2020 UMW Reading Program were recognized. Emilee Groh, Program Resources Coordinator, presented certificates to Cody, Trely Wolfe, Grayson, Dani, and Jessica Kidd. Each participant read 5 books, and they have also participated in the 2021 Reading Program. (Right Photo) As everyone sang “Praise the Lord” to the tune of “The Twist”, Dot Baggett demonstrated the popular dance from the sixties!
A special emphasis at the meeting was the rendering of the ladies’ participation in a Pray & Color project. The project is named for the book by the same name in the UMW Reading Program. This project was a way of giving women of the church the opportunity to work together separately during a difficult time when meetings were not possible. There were 14 participants and their finished project is now on display on the UMW bulletin board. Thanks to all who participated!
Due to being unable to meet, the unit had not been able to raise its funds needed for the designated mission projects of the Greenwood District and Conference UMW. Connie Tremsky, Treasurer, reports that at this meeting more than enough donations were received to enable the unit to meet its pledge for this year! Thank you to all of you who made this possible! Sign-up sheets were circulated for the upcoming Cookie Factory and Plant Sale on October 9, the 2022 Bereavement Committee, and UMW dinner committees for 2022.
Sue Mickel Yerdon, President, led a moment of silence to remember the following seven deceased members of McCormick UMW during the past year: Frances Lewis, Beulah Blodgett, Betty Smith, Margaret Crowley, Elaine Baggett, Madge Krotzer, Faith Killius. With the devotional on “sand” by Lindy Stahlman, Spiritual Growth Coordinator, and the seaside atmosphere, everyone present felt that, by the conclusion of the meeting their souls had truly been soothed by a walk on the beach!


The food was wonderful.. homemade soups and salad.. and of course, dessert!
Lindy Stahlman did the devotional, and Jeanne Thornburg led us in song.. songs that will be sang at the World Day of Prayer on March 6.
Cathy Osterman, Linda Crochet, Mary Tobin and Sherri Kumle (all from different McCormick churches) did a presentation on the history of the World Day of Prayer (WDP) and what they are planning for the one to be held at MUMC on March 6. They are looking for a few decorations. If you happen to have any from your travels to Africa, please contact Lindy Stahlman.
The World Day of Prayer (WDP) is a global movement, led by Christian women, who welcome you to join in prayer and action for peace and justice. It is celebrated in over 170 countries on the first Friday in March.
The host country for WDP 2020 is Zimbabwe. The WDP 2020 program is based on Jesus’ encounter with a person who, although positioned for healing, had not acted upon the opportunities given (John 5:2-9a). Jesus asked –“Do you want to be made well?” with the theme “Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk”. You are faced with this life-changing question. What are you going to do?
Annual Men’s & Women’s Fall Dinner
There were 55 in attendance at the Annual Men’s & Women’s dinner on Thursday, October 17. Welcoming greetings were given by Bob Rennie, UMM President and Jeanne Thornburg, UMW President. The theme was “Lost in the Fifties”, and Lindy Stahlman gave a very thought-provoking and inspirational devotion that stirred the minds of those in attendance to remember years prior to the 1950’s, and conversation was encouraged about memories of the dates from the 50’s posted at each table. A delicious meal prepared by Chefs Don Tummons (and Carol) and John (and Sue) Yerdon was served cafeteria style. A wonderful program of Christian beach music was then presented by Larry Freeland. Following the presentation, Larry and his wife Linda handed out free CD’s to all present. We were glad that Larry’s mother, Hazel Freeland, could join us. Larry shared with the audience that he had prostate cancer surgery in August and that this was his first performance since that time, giving all of the Glory to God for his recovery and ability to be with us. He not only did this through his testimony, but with his powerful music as well. Larry and Linda sent this electronic message back to McCormick UMC at 10 o’clock that evening: “Thank you all for allowing us to join your Women’s and Men’s Ministry Dinner tonight. We had a wonderful night of fellowship, food, and music. The people at McCormick UMC are so welcoming and encouraging, and we enjoyed every minute. It was so much fun to be “Lost in the 50’s”. We certainly appreciate all the prayers of your people. May God bless you all.” – Linda and Larry Freeland
To see more photos from the event go to UMW and MNM 2019 Annual Meeting
McCormick UMW Hosts Greenwood District UMW Annual Meeting Pictured (left to right): Mary Lynn Polk, Greenwood District UMW Spiritual Growth Coordinator; Joyce Crouch, Greenwood District UMW President; Jessica Brodie, Guest Speaker; Carol Marse, Greenwood District UMW Vice President; Jeanne Thornburg, McCormick UMW President
Seventy-seven women representing the churches in the Greenwood District attended the UMW Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 21 at McCormick UMC. Guest speaker was Jessica Brodie, Editor of the SC United Methodist Advocate, who spoke on “Keeping the Faith in the Midst of Change”. Her presentation was focused on the fact that we are United Methodists who are “United in Christ”. During the business meeting, McCormick United Methodist Women received the following recognition for participation at the district level for 2019: SC Mission Today Unit for giving to the five mission projects of the SCCUMW, for meeting our pledge to mission and meeting nine other qualifiers; Diamond Unit for meeting requirements of the Charter for Racial Justice; Reading Program –two members read a total of 21 books (Emilee Groh, Linda Kidd). McCormick UMW made a pledge of $1,300 toward the Greenwood District UMW’s pledge of $30,000 for 2020.
JULY 18, 2019
(Left to right) Jeanne Thornburg, UMW President, Rev. Britz, “Bacon” Brice, and Rev. Ledwell
There were 22 in attendance at the Annual McCormick UMW Summer Dinner meeting on July 18. A very informative program was presented by Rev. Sharon (“Shazzy”) Britz, Campus Minister for the Greenwood Wesley Fellowship, United Methodist campus ministry for students of Lander University and Piedmont Technical College. With the help of one of her students, “Bacon” Brice, those present got to feel the impact of this ministry through a power point presentation that showed the students in action. Sharon also shared ways that church groups and individuals can become involved with this ministry, whether it be through monetary donations, providing food for group meetings, visiting a group meeting, and of course, through prayer, Committee members who planned the theme – “Flip Flops and Friends” – and meal for the meeting were Ingrid Fuller, Toni Graham, Linda Kidd, and Tina Sims. A special thanks goes to Lindy Stahlman for taking the photos that you see here.
UMW held their Annual Spring Luncheon in the fellowship hall on Saturday. The luncheon of quiche and salad was served by Sue Gaer, Linda Kidd, Caren Larate, Martha Crace and Carol Williams. The Devotion was given by Lindy Stahlman, who spoke about the importance of laughter and joy in our Christian lives.
Jeanne Thornburg, UMW president, presented $350 to the Girls Scout/Brownie troop that meets at our church. The money was raised over a year and a half by using a Blessing Box. It was delightful to have two of the girls there, with leader, Ellen Jankowski. They showed us a professional coloring book on McCormick they had published. Ellen shared that the monies would be used to purchase a series of special books for each Scout.
Shannon Stewart did a presentation on the McCormick County Chamber. She shared the website and several events they are marketing. MUMC is fortunate to be a member of the Chamber.
The next UMW dinner meeting will be on July 18. Mark your calendars, all women are welcome!
Around forty women enjoyed soup and salad prepared by the UMW officers!
Jeanne Thornburg, UMW President, presented a check for $1000 to Connie Tremsky and Barb Berton, who represented McCormick Backpack Ministry. The funds were raised in Octoberat the MUMC Craft Show and Cookie Factory.
Jeanne also announced that they will be taking a check for $800 to The Epworth Children’s Home, when they visit on February 28. Those funds were also from the Craft Show.
Pastor Nels spoke on the the upcoming February UMC Conference where they will be addressing the issueof Homosexuality, Marriage, and the ordination of homosexual clergy. It was learned that is a complex issue and there are many schools of thought. They will be voting the end of February.
McCormick UMW Summer Dinner Meeting
There were 36 ladies in attendance at the summer dinner meeting of McCormick UMW on Thursday, July 19. With the theme of Let Your Light Shine, Lindy Stahlman set the tone with her devotional that stirred memories of younger days spent catching “lightning bugs” or “fireflies” with a message to let our lights shine to others. Guest speaker was Barbara Gates, Greenwood District UMW Program Resources Coordinator. Her presentation focused on the UMW Reading Program.
During discussion about what mission projects are served with McCormick UMW funds, attendants were given the names of the five South Carolina mission projects, Bethlehem Center – Columbia, Bethlehem Center – Spartanburg, John’s Island Rural Mission, Killingsworth Home, and Wallace Family Life Center. Funds also go toward national, global, and local missions with a special emphasis on women and children. McCormick UMW’s share of the total Greenwood District’s pledge to missions is $1,250. Connie Tremsky, Treasurer, reminded the membership that it is time to send in quarterly mission funds and encouraged members to make their spiritual gifts to mission.
Serving on the dinner committee for this meeting were Toni Graham, Emilee Groh, Sue Mitchell, Marge Radosevich, and Joan Wessels.
There were 32 ladies in attendance at the Annual Spring Luncheon of McCormick UMW on Saturday, April 21. Guest speaker was Rev. John E. Holler, Jr., President of Epworth Children’s Home, Columbia, SC. Rev. Holler’s presentation was very interesting and informative. It was good to have updated information about Epworth, which is a mission project of the South Carolina Conference of the UMC.
The Annual Winter Dinner Meeting of McCormick United Methodist Women was held Thursday, January 18 with members of the Executive Committee serving as hostesses. Members of Martha’s Chapel UMW were also in attendance.
During the business meeting, Ellen Schumpert, Past Greenwood District UMW President, led the installation service for the following 2018 officers: President: Jeanne Thornburg, Vice President: Sue Yerdon; Secretary: Nancy Vereb; Treasurer: Connie Tremsky; Spiritual Growth Coordinator: Lindy Stahlman; Program Resources Coordinator: Emilee Groh. Rev. Nels led in a prayer for officers following the installation service. Connie Tremsky issued a reminder about completing 2018 pledge cards for any who have not already done so; pledge cards are also available by contacting Connie.
The following presentations were made: 1.) Presentation of 2017 Craft Show & Cookie Factory Proceeds in the amount of $2,400 to McCormick Backpack Ministry; 2.) Presentation of 2017 Box of Blessings Donations to McCormick Children’s Home, Inc. (funds will be sent to them as Laurie Franklin, Executive Director was unable to attend); 3.) Presentation of 2017 Reading Program certificates to participants.
Nancy Vereb, Prayers & Squares Small Group Leader presented a beautiful quilt square prepared by the members of her group that will be turned in on Saturday, January 20 at a Greenwood District UMW Officers Training event at Central UMC in Newberry. Each UMW unit in the Greenwood District was assigned the task of creating a quilt square that was depictive of their church. The squares from all of the churches in the district will make up a quilt that will be presented to Rev. Love, Greenwood District Superintendent, at this year’s Annual Conference in June.
The next meeting of McCormick UMW will be the Annual Spring Luncheon to be held on Saturday, April 21 at 12 Noon in the Church Fellowship Hall.
The Greenwood District UMW Annual Meeting was held at Grace UMC in North Augusta on Saturday, September 23. Three members of McCormick UMW attended: Sue Mitchell, Jeanne Thornburg, and Linda Kidd.
Our UMW unit received the following recognition for participation at the district level for 2017:
  • Mission Today Unit for giving to the five areas of designated giving for the conference and for meeting our pledge to mission;
  • Diamond Unit for meeting requirements of the Charter for Racial Justice;
  • Reading Program – seven of our members (Shirley Garling, Emilee Groh, Linda Kidd, Madge Krotzer, Sue Mitchell, Carol Struck, and Connie Tremsky) were recognized for reading a total of 46 books. Totals for the district were 57 readers with 510 books read.
During the pledge service, the 2018 pledge for the Greenwood District to the SC Conference UMW in the amount of $30,000 (representing all UMW units in the district) was approved. Of that amount, the pledge from McCormick UMW for 2018 is $1,250.
Guest speaker for the meeting was Deaconess Selena Ruth Smith and her presentation focused on “Women Walking by Faith, Not by Sight”. Employed as a firefighter and EMT for the City of Sumter, SC, Selena enthusiastically connected her vocation to the topic. She compared a firefighter’s faith in being aware of his or her partner’s presence when fighting a fire, even though they cannot see one another, to our faith walks as Christians. Selena was commissioned as a UMC Deaconess at the April 2012 General Conference; she is a board member of The Advocate, SC Conference monthly publication, and is a National Director for UMW (2016-2020).