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We are the McCormick United Methodist Church (MUMC). Our congregation loves God and cares for one another. We share in each other’s joys and provide mutual support and prayers during tough times. We have fun as we work together doing the work of God. We reach up to God and reach out to our friends and neighbors both near and far.
We welcome visitors with the same love and energy. The members of MUMC care about you and your well-being. We want to get to know you, your joys, your concerns, your prayer needs and your spiritual gifts.
We invite you to join us at either the 8:30 AM or 11:00 AM service on Sunday!
Reflecting on Lent and Easter at McCormick UMC
Nothing excites me more as a Pastor than to watch the Church at work. I witnessed this when we come together and from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, when we offered our community powerful opportunities to follow Christ and ponder the wonders of the atonement.
We added three Lenten Services on Wednesdays with a light lunch. Our worship committee organized this event.
We offered a course in United Methodist beliefs taught by our District Lay Leader Tony Watson. Our evangelism committee organized this event.
Each Sunday service led us closer to the cross and resurrection. We waved the Palms on Palm Sunday. We served communion and recalled the Upper Room with Christ and received His grace.
We commissioned Stephen Leaders one Sunday with a wonderful service of commissioning led by our Stephen Ministry.
Then we got to Holy Week with the Lower Room Drama before a full church audience filled with awe from the message of this play. I witnessed talents that I did not know many of you had! This play was directed by Don Tummons and the cast made from a diverse group of talented players.
On the Great Day of Resurrection, we joined three other churches at Baker Creek for a Community Sunrise Service. Again, church members pitched in and made this a success. We even witnessed birds flying in time with Carol’s solo and eagles augmenting Rev. Jones message.
Lastly, we closed with a beautiful, hope-filled Easter service in our sanctuary with a message of life and hope set up by an impressive performance by our newly formed Men’s Choir. We closed the service with our Easter Cantata, Hallelujah, What a Savior, by our Chancel Choir again performed in front of a full congregation of celebrants receiving the message offered by our talented and dedicated choir.
I am so thankful we have a church filled with believers willing to share their time and talent to serve Christ and our community. I saw the drama team rehearse for months in preparation for the Lower Room and it was almost perfect. Our Choirs worked for weeks preparing for the cantata and it brought joy to all here. So many of you worked in the background preparing slides, sound, building, cooking, cleaning and much more! Yes! We had a great Easter and Lent. Thanks to all of you that worked and attended.
The Peace IS with us
Theologian Karl Barth once remarked that to say the old line from the creed, “I believe in the Holy Catholic Church” does not mean that we believe in the church. It means rather to believe that God is present and at work in the church, that “in this assembly, the work of the Holy Spirit takes place. … We do not believe in the Church: but we do believe that in this congregation the work of the Holy Spirit becomes an event.”
Barth’s words rang true for Thomas Long some years ago, when he was invited by a church in a nearby town to be the worship leader at a special evening communion service. The church staff had planned this service to be educational as well as worshipful. The idea was that, first, the congregation would gather in the sanctuary and Long would give a brief talk about the meanings of the Lord’s Supper. Then, they would go into the fellowship hall and be seated around tables for the service itself.
At each table there would be the flour and other ingredients to form the dough for the communion loaves. The plan called for each table to prepare a loaf and, while the loaves baked in the ovens of the church kitchen, the people at each table were to engage in various exercises designed to get them talking about their experiences in the faith.
It was a good idea, but like many well-planned events, things looked better on the drawing board than they turned out in reality. There were problems. Children at many tables began to play in the baking ingredients, and white clouds of flour floated around the room coating everybody and everything. There were delays in the kitchen, and the communion bread baked with agonizing slowness. Some of the tables ran out of things to say; children grew weary and fussy; the room was filled with commotion and restlessness.
The planners had dreamed of an event of excitement, innovation, peak learning, and moving worship. What happened was noise, exhaustion, and people making the best of a difficult situation. In other words, despite the rosy plans, it was the real church worshipping down there in the church basement.
Finally, the service ended, and, with no little relief, Long was able to pronounce the benediction. “The peace of Christ be with you all,” He said, and just as he did, a child’s voice from somewhere in the room called out strong and true, “It already is.”
Just that — “It already is” — but with those words the service was transformed into an event of joy and holy mystery. That small voice captured what the Gospel of John is trying to say. In the midst of a church that can claim nothing for itself, a church of noise, confusion, weariness, and even fear, the risen Christ comes to give peace. The peace of Christ be with you? Because the risen Christ comes to inhabit our empty places, then, as the child said, “It already is,” and the church with nothing becomes the church with everything.
See You in Church where Peace is offered,
Scripture Lesson: John 20: 19-31
Message: “A Conversion Experience”
Easter Cantata
Presented by Chancel Choir
Audio recordings of sermons are available here:
Thank you to our many members who gave of their time and talents to make Holy Week so inspiring for our community. Let’s work to keep the spirit going by bringing a guest to worship with us in the coming weeks, as well!!
The Lower Room
The church was full on Maundy Thursday and everyone enjoyed the performances of Mary Ruth Haworth, Peggy Thomas, Diane Lewis, Susie Hartz, Shannon Stewart, Lindy Stahlman, Jeanne Thornburg, Wendy Kvale, Hailey Wolfe, Robert Wesley, and Donnell Harris. They did an outstanding job of showing us what might have occurred in the Lower Room, while Jesus and the disciples were in the Upper Room! It was very thought-provoking and well-done! Thanks also to Bill Hartz, Billie Samec, Carol Tummons and Chris Hogarth for their solos! David Markle was the accompanist. Many thanks to the director, Don Tummons! For pictures, go to our website and select albums and The Lower Room or go directly there by using this link… http://www.mccormickumc.org/the-lower-room-april-2019/
Easter Sunrise Service
It was a crisp, beautiful morning at Baker Creek State Park on Easter morning. Four churches, MUMC, Lutheran Church by the Lake, St. Paul’s Methodist Church, and Republican Methodist Church joined to do the service for the over 140 worshippers. Carol Tummons did a great job of singing the solo during the offering. Some were fortunate enough to see eagles fly in the direction of the campgrounds! For more photos, go to http://www.mccormickumc.org/sunrise-service-april-2019/
The Chancel Choir presented the cantata, “Hallelujah! What a Savior!”. Thank you for a fine job and sharing your joy! Thank you to Jeanne Thornburg (director), Donnell Harris (accompanist), and Charlotte Tallent (Narrator). For an audio recording of the cantata and more pictures go to http://www.mccormickumc.org/easter-cantata-april-21-2019/
Nels preached “Made to Live” and sent us forward with us all saying.. “May we in the days ahead, sing, pray, live, love, act and serve all for the glory of God.” Nels’ sermons are available at http://www.mccormickumc.org/media/sermons/
A new sign-up sheet is in the fellowship hall on the easel for Sunday morning snacks. It includes an explanation of what is needed. Please help us out by picking a date that is convenient for you to bring a little something to go with our coffee between services. We are grateful! For questions, see Rosemary Pettus.
Yoga is canceled for the next few Saturdays Yoga is canceled Monday and Wednesday until Wednesday, May 1st No Yoga on May 13th (out of town for a wedding) Again, M / W classes resume on Wed. May 1st

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Click the image above to view our event calendar.

April 30.. Work Party 9:30am MUMC – Spread Mulch
May 2… Blood Drive in Fellowship Hall
May 4… Pancake Breakfast and Community Yard Sale
May 4… Church Pew Quilt Show
May 5… PRAYZ in the Park at the MACK 3-5pm
May 7… Men N Ministry Dinner Meeting
May 12… Epworth Children’s Home Sunday
May 16 … Congregational Care meeting 2pm All Welcome!
June 4… Men N Ministry Dinner Meeting
June 15-22 . Salkehatchie Summer Service in McCormick
June 30… Fifth Sunday Service at 10AM with Lunch following
August 18… Church Picnic Baker Creek
Sept 14… Lasagna Dinner
Sept 19 … Congregational Care meeting 2pm All Welcome!
Sept 29.. Fifth Sunday.. Service at 10am with lunch following
Oct 5… MUMC Craft Show and Cookie Factory
Oct 19…Rise Against Hunger
Nov 17.. Stephen Minister Sunday
Nov 21… Congregational Care meeting 2pm All Welcome!
Dec 29.. Fifth Sunday.. Service at 10am with lunch following
All women of the church are invited to the Annual Spring Luncheon of McCormick United Methodist Women that is scheduled for Saturday, April 27 beginningat 11:30 A.M in the church fellowship hall. Guest presenter will be Linda Huber who will be sure to entertain you as she plays her autoharp and tells her story. A delicious meal is being planned for you by the members of the luncheon committee – Sue Gaer, Linda Kidd, Caren Larate, and Carol Williams.
McCormick UMW is open to all women of the church and community – you do not have to be a member of McCormick UMC or of McCormick UMW to attend – all women are welcome! Please sign up on registers in the church fellowship hall or narthex. And, feel free to sign up a friend to come with you!
There will be a work party to spread some mulch around the church grounds on Tuesday, April 30. If you can help, please come! You will want to bring some gardening gloves.
MAY 2 1:30pm TO 6:30pm
McCormick United Methodist Church will help the American Red Cross Upstate Chapter replenish its blood supply by conducting a blood drive in the church’s Fellowship Hall on Thursday, May 2, from 1:30 to 6:30 p.m.
The Red Cross is the main supplier of blood for all of South Carolina and, while all blood types are needed to meet the demand, there is a critical shortage of O types. Appointments can be made online at www.redcrossblood.org. Enter zip code 29835, select McCormick United Methodist Church, then choose a time to donate. Walk-in donors are also welcome.
Appointments can also be made in person in the Church office.
On the morning of the blood drive at www.redcrossblood.org, donors may apply for a RapidPass to speed up registration by providing health history information in advance.
All presenting donors will receive a $5 Amazon gift card via email.
MAY 4 8am -11am
As part of the McCormick Spring Bazaar, MEN N MINISTRY will hold a Pancake Breakfast from 8am to 11am on Saturday, May 4. They serve pancakes (plain and blueberry) and French Toast and sausage, as well as coffee and orange juice. The cost is $6 for adults and $3 for children.
There is going to be a Pew Quilt Show at our church on May 4.
The quilts will be displayed on the pews as shown in the picture above. Can’t you see it?  Our sanctuary filled with all those beautiful quilts? So many memories and love!  Do come by and see it!
Now, do you have a quilt you are willing to share?
The form is available by clicking the link below.  It needs to be completed and delivered to Linda Crochet by April 27.
Lindy Stahlman is the representative from our church on the committee and she would be happy to help you get the form completed and delivered. She’s even willing to help you get your quilt to the church.  Give her a call today if you have a quilt.
MAY 5 3-5PM
is the title the McCormick County Ministerial Alliance is giving the Prayz-in-the-Park event this year. It will be on Sunday, May 5 from 3:00 – 5:00 at MACK Park.
It will feature music from:
  • The REVVED UP 4 JESUS Choir, made of pastors and church leaders of congregations throughout McCormick….(yes, Nels is part of that choir!)
  • The McCormick County Community Chorus.
  • The Good Shepherd Quartet.
  • Light of Life Worship Team, featuring Benetra Calhoun.
  • New Springs Praise from New Springs Church in Greenwood.
The theme verse is Psalm 133:1 “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people gather in unity!”
Please bring a lawn chair and open heart!!!
Did you know that in the last year Epworth Children’s Home gave 174 children a sage and loving place to call home? Each of these children had this because of the United Methodist churches in South Carolina who embrace and provide for this ministry in support of the children and families in our state. We will participate in the annual Mother’s Day Offering on Sunday, May 12 to benefit the children who call Epworth home. Please be in prayerful consideration of what God is calling you to give to this valuable and life changing ministry. For more information, visit www.epworthchildrenshome.org