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Time for the King
James Weekley tells the story about Michael Faraday, an early pioneer of electromagnetic current, who once addressed a convocation of scientists. For an hour he held the audience spellbound with his lecture on the nature of the magnet.
After he had finished, he received a thundering ovation. The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, stood to congratulate him. The applause thundered again.
Just as quickly, a deadened silence pervaded the audience. Faraday had left. It was the hour of a mid-week prayer service in a little church of which he was a member. He stood up a king in order to spend an hour with the King of Kings.
Weekley went on to ask to his readers. Do we have a similar commitment? Like Faraday, have we pledged our allegiances to a Power that outlasts the short-lived fads and governments of this world? With our families would we put into practice what the Wall Street Journal suggested a generation ago? “What America needs … is a revival of piety – the piety of our fathers – that counted it good business to stop for daily family prayers before breakfast … and to start work half an hour earlier on Thursday in order to get to prayer meeting on time!”
Will you be attending Church this week?
Your Pastor,

Preparing for Worship

Sunday, August 1, 2021
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Scripture Lesson: John 6: 24-35
Message: “I Want THAT Bread”
Thank you to Don Tummons for delivering the sermon during Nel’s absence. Thank you, also, to Carol Tummons for sharing her singing talent, and making the service even more special!
Our church is starting to move forward with meetings, events and plans. The mission team is looking for more members to help us to keep reaching out to others!
This is an active group and the more people involved, the better! Everyone is invited to join this team, even if you have not joined the church yet or are here only part of the year! If you are interested, please contact Connie Tremsky.
KINDNESS UPDATE – Kindness Floats Like a Rubber Duckie!
World’s Largest Rubber Duck (6 stories in height) in Los Angeles will be migrating to Fort Worth, Texas in October
You may be wondering, “What does the world’s largest rubber duck have to do with Kindness?” First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas has the answer to that question. In January this year the Kindness Duck Project was begun there with a series of Kindness Conversations that were a part of the children’s ministry directed by Mark Burrows and his team of church members.
“Kindness really asks something of us, to go out of our way to show care for others, to listen more, to be empathetic, to feel with, to be forgiving, to let people off the hook and not paint everybody by the worst moment of their life,” Burrows says. As a part of their Kindness Conversations, kids learned about the concept in three forms — being kind to yourself, being kind to others, and being kind to the environment.
The kids got yellow rubber ducks with the word “kindness” printed on them to hand out to people and playing cards with specific kindness tasks to perform. It didn’t take long to realize that adults were also experiencing the impact of doing good deeds. The seed began to form for what has become the Kindness Duck Project, a nonprofit dedicated to planning, growing, and sharing kindness. The project officially launched in May of this year with a simple mission – Plant Kindness, Grow Kindness, Share Kindness.
A highlight for the project this year will be a big Kindness Duck Party which is scheduled for October. At that time, the World’s Largest Rubber Duck will be in Forth Worth for the special event. “The Grow Kindness portion is where we will partner with nonprofits, other organizations who have really great missions, but may not necessarily have as large a platform as they want or as much publicity as they want,” says the team – these folks will participate in the party.
The Kindness Duck Project is also involved in doing random acts of kindness as well as developing a Kindness Curriculum to share with educational facilities, organizations, and communities as a way to promote the topic. What started out as an inkling of an idea from “Mister Mark” became a way to help children (and adults) spread random acts of kindness with the help of a little rubber duck!
It’s good to learn of other United Methodist Churches who have taken on Kindness projects and the impact they are having. This week’s Kindness entry is from one who has been touched by kindness during a very difficult time, and it definitely is a good example of how kindness “floats” from the recipient to others:
Sometimes it takes having a crisis in your life to make you realize just how many people care. Following my recent mishap, so many people offered to help me. As a result of this, I am inspired to do better about reaching out to others in need – to pay it forward. I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the kindness of so many who helped me and to express my appreciation.
Have you seen God today? If you see God at work this week, there are two ways you can share what you saw!
1) Be a blessing to others by sharing your Act of Kindness (no names please) on our website, or use this link! Then check back each week to learn how others are passing on acts of kindness! The link is https://www.mccormickumc.org/acts-of-kindness
2) There is a Kindness box in the library on the window sill, along with paper and pencil. Share your God-Wink, perhaps someone else will be inspired!

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Upcoming Events


McCormick UMC
Jessica Kidd is a member of the Aktion Club at the Burton Center. They are sponsoring a food drive during the month of July to help the Salvation Army replenish its Food Pantry that was vandalized in June.
If you would like to contribute some plain or canned pasta, there will be a box on the table in the Fellowship Hall until July 31. Linda and Jessica will deliver it to the Burton Center and they thank you for your support!
CAFÉ du Don/John
August 8th
“Celebration Brunch” 11:00 after the service at 10am.
Stay after being motivated by another great sermon and have brunch!.
Eggs Benedict casserole, biscuits and gravy, breakfast casserole, sliced ham and turkey, fresh fruit, and much more. A donation will be collected.
MUMC worship Committee is planning a church service followed by a picnic at Baker Creek State Park for August 29. The service will be at 10am. Details on food, etc to follow.
What an exciting day it will be October 9! The Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall will be filled with new and old friends, crafts, cookies, and quilts!
There is room for just a few more vendors. If you would like to have a table in the Fellowship Hall (handmade items), contact Lindy Stahlman.
There will be many ways everyone can help,. Like making cookies.. down the line. We will keep you posted!
Yes, the above is our sanctuary full of quilts!!!If you have a quilt you would be willing to have displayed in the Sanctuary, entry forms can be found at the McCormick Chamber of Commerce or contact Lindy.