No Livestream on September 19 (Church Picnic at Baker Creek). There is recording of the worship service at Baker Creek State Park on our Livestream page

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Are You Feeding Sin?
In 1939, a coast guard vessel was cruising the Canadian Arctic when the men spotted a polar bear stranded on an ice floe. It was quite a novelty for the seamen, who threw the bear salami, peanut butter, and chocolate bars. Then they ran out of food.
Unfortunately, the polar bear hadn’t run out of appetite, so he proceeded to board their vessel. The men on ship were terrified and opened the fire hoses on the bear. The polar bear loved it and raised his paws in the air to get the water under his armpits. We don’t know how they did it, but eventually they forced the polar bear to return to his ice pad–but not before teaching these seamen a horrifying lesson about feeding polar bears.
Some people make the same mistake with sin that these sailors nearly made with the polar bear. They begin feeding it–a little at a time without thinking through the consequences. “It says something about our times,” writes Willard D. Ferrell, “that we rarely use the word SINFUL except to describe a really good dessert.”
Sin is a serious business.
Come to Church this Sunday and learn how to get out of this business of sin.
See You Sunday,

Preparing for Worship

Sunday, September 26, 2021
Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Scripture Lessons: James 5: 13-20
Mark 9: 42-48
Message: “Beat the Heat”

Church Leadership for 2022

A listing of 2022 Leadership is available by clicking the link below.


The annual MUMC Worship Service and picnic was held at the Baker Creek pavilion.
There was a good turnout to worship together by the lake and of course, have some good food and fellowship!
Donnell did a great job on the keyboard. The music seemed to flow inside the pavilion. Thank you to Marge Radosevich, Diane Shea, Jan Lamke, and Lindy Stahlman for singing “If Heaven Was Never Promised to Me”. Then we were fortunate to also have Robbie Rennie sing “Angels Among Us”. It was a special service with Nels preaching on being a Christian today and the choices we need to make.
Thanks to Donna Hutto and the worship committee, the food was in place as soon as the service ended! Don Tummons and John Yerdon cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and there were plenty of sides and yummy desserts.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
We could not have had such a terrific picnic without the crew that put it all together:
Connie, Ingrid, Chuck & Pat, Al & Sue, Don and the one and only Ron. Don & John did a super job grilling and thanks to Pastor for helping load up and unload at the church.
Blessings to all that had a part in our Sunday service & picnic.



The Annual Epworth Work Day Offering was Sunday, September 13. Thank you to MUMC for your generous contribution of $2,293.00.
An Epworth offering helps children heal, grow, learn and become responsible adults.
Thank you for all you are doing and will do for the children of Epworth.



You may wonder why these ladies from the 24:7 small group (Linda Kidd, Sundee Luedecke, Lindy Stahlman, Paula Grady, Shannon Stewart, and Ellen Zimmerman) are all smiles – it’s because they are packing 20 bags with fall goodies to be delivered to their friends at Bell Ridge housing complex. At their meeting this past Friday, they filled the bags with snacks, muffins, color pencils to “pray and color”, prayer squares, etc. to let their friends know they are remembered while they continue to be unable to meet in person. They also included their own prayers and hugs in the process! After the meeting, the bags were taken to Bell Ridge for delivery by the housing manager there. (Unable to be present but with the group in spirit were Linda Bowser, Shirley Garling, and Sue Mitchell.)


Are You Stressed? Discouraged? Feeling Down?
You don’t have to go through difficult times alone. Our Stephen Ministers are ready to provide you with confidential, one-to-one, Christian care and support to help you get through a tough time. So don’t keep it all inside and struggle alone through the pandemic or an illness or any other difficult time. Our Stephen Ministers are there to care.
To find out more about Stephen Ministry, contact one of our Stephen leaders thru the church office at (864)852-2394,

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Upcoming Events


McCormick UMC



The group began meeting on September 20 and invites you to join them the first and third Mondays of each month at 2pm in the Sunday School Classroom. Questions – Contact Wendy Kvale



A new groups has started for widows to share their challenges, fears, anxieties and loneliness. They will meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 5pm. Questions – call Toni Graham. Let’s Gather, Share and Grow
Wonderful news, our United Methodist Women (UMW) have decided to again have the Craft Show and Cookie Factory! The date is Saturday, October 9. Mark that on your calendars right now! Again, there will be vendors selling their handmade items, our men’s group (Men N Ministry) selling brats in the parking lot, and an amazing cookie sale that we call the cookie factory! To top it off … this year there will also be a quilt show in the sanctuary! The amazing quilt show will again be coordinated with ladies from the Lutheran and Catholic Churches. What a wonderful day October 9 will be this year! First thing that needs to be done is to mark your calendars. If you are a vendor (handmade items only), and would like to purchase a table or bring a tent and sell outdoors, contact Lindy Stahlman as soon as possible. We can only take a limited number of vendors. We will keep you posted!

Kindness Update – Be An Encourager!

I Thessalonians 5: 11: “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” God designed his Church to be a family, and He sent his Son to reconcile us, not only with himself but also with one another. Paul’s words here were a reminder to the Thessalonians to continue building one another up and they apply to us today.
To encourage one another is to give courage where it is needed. Encouragement can be given through prayer for one another, through speaking the truth in love, and through blessing others with words and deeds. These encouragements are often the difference-maker for someone who is struggling. Building one another up is part of God’s plan to grow us to be like Christ.
The Hope Line is a good website where you can find stories of kindness that encourages others. The one below is a good example of how we can bring sunshine into someone’s life:
During my college years, I worked as a waitress and one night I spilled an entire pitcher of ice water on a lady in my booth. I was mortified and did my best to help her dry off. I couldn’t stop apologizing. She was very gracious and kept telling me, “It’s O.K. sweetie.” At the end of the night, I went to clear off her table. She had left me a note on the back of her ticket that said, “You did a great job. Remember God Loves You.” Along with my biggest tip of the night!
This week’s Kindness entry was sent by one who experienced firsthand the kindness of a total stranger that has encouraging results for us all about the goodness of mankind:
I was standing in line at Dollar Tree with only a card to purchase. Ahead of me were two customers with loaded carts. All of a sudden a store employee appeared and asked if I only had a card. She then opened a register to check me out. It may have been her job but I appreciated the kindness.
Have you seen God today? If you see God at work this week, there are two ways you can share what you saw!
1) Be a blessing to others by sharing your Act of Kindness (no names please) on our website, or use this link! Then check back each week to learn how others are passing on acts of kindness! The link is https://www.mccormickumc.org/acts-of-kindness
2) There is a Kindness box in the library on the window sill, along with paper and pencil. Share your God-Wink, perhaps someone else will be inspired!