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from Rev. C. Nels Ledwell
If Your Face Is Towards Me….
Do you feel insecure as we enter this Advent season? You do if your marriage is less than solid. You do if your job is at risk. You might if you have medical problems. If you have lost a loved-one in the last year, insecurity could be part of your grief.
Pastor James Moore of Houston Texas tells a story about a young man whose wife had died, leaving him with a small son. Back home from the cemetery, they went to bed early because there was nothing else he could bear to do.
As he lay there in the darkness–grief-stricken and heartbroken, the little boy broke the stillness from his little bed with a disturbing question, “Daddy, where is mommy?”
The father got up and brought the little boy to bed with him, but the child was still disturbed and restless, occasionally asking questions like “Why isn’t she here?” and When is she coming back?”
Finally the little boy said, “Daddy, if your face is toward me, I think I can go to sleep now. And in a little while he was quiet.
The father lay there in the darkness, and then in childlike faith, prayed this prayer: “O God, I don’t see how I can survive this. The future looks so miserable. But if your face is toward me, somehow I think I can make it.”
That’s what the Messiah came to teach us: that God’s face is always towards us. Therefore, let the Messiah replace your insecurity this Advent with the following bedrock conviction: God and you are in this together. Nothing can happen that God and you together cannot manage. Nothing will ever be able to separate you from his love. Now, that’s real security.
See you in Church or online.

Preparing for Worship

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Second Sunday of Advent
Holy Communion
Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 11: 1-10
Message: “Wolves and Lambs”


If you already brought or sent your pledge card to church, THANK YOU!
If you misplaced the pledge card sent to you last week, or you did not get the letter, please know that there are plenty of cards available at the church. This will help our finance committee to write a budget for 2023.
Stewardship Sunday is a time to return to GOD your TIME, TALENT, and FINANCIAL support for HIS church and community to carry his message forward.

Stephen Ministry Corner

This coming November 13th Stephen Ministry of MUMC is celebrating its 17th Anniversary!
Stephen Ministry was started here at MUMC in 2005 by Beverly Western, Phil Bailey and Pastor Jerry James. Since then, we have trained many congregation members with 50 hours of instruction in how to provide one-to-one confidential emotional and spiritual care to persons going through a difficult time. Presently we have 12 active Stephen Ministers.
AND – These 12 Stephen Ministers are ready to partner with you as the holidays approach. For some of us, these weeks can be agonizing. The loss of a loved one, being far away from family, a difficult surgery, a difficult diagnosis, isolation due to illness, the angst of caring for a sick family member … Any of these things can strip the joy of the holidays from us. Let the Stephen Ministers of MUMC help you through this time … even if it’s just for a short time while getting through November and December.
Start by calling Pastor Nels or one of the Stephen Leaders thru the church office at (864) 852-2394.


Kim Jackson and Carol Myers have put a volunteer sign-up in the Fellowship Hall for those interested in hosting one or two of the Coffee Hours following Sunday services. The sign up is for October through December. No need to bake…store-bought goodies are very well appreciated! There is a very detailed, easy to follow book with directions on how to set up the coffee, etc. Also, if you need help your first time, Carol or Kim will answer your questions!
They greatly appreciate all those who have made coffee hour so wonderful this year, and hope more folks will volunteer to host!


The Congregational Care Committee wants you to know they are there to help you if you ever need transportation, meals or a visitor! Please contact Kim Jackson if you or someone you know needs help or if you would like to be added to the list of volunteers.

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On Friday evening, December 2, 2022 FROM 4-6pm our Church will take part in the annual McCormick Christmas kick off! We welcome all of you to come and enjoy the beautiful nativity scenes, share some hot soup, hot apple cider and delicious cookies, all made by our church family. Then come and join us in the sanctuary for some Christmas Carols!

The Chosen

Bible Study

Dates: Dec 4, Dec 11, Dec 18, Jan 8, Jan 15, Jan 22, Jan 29
If you’d like to watch the first episode again, or you missed it and would like to catch up, use this link.
Everyone is invited to join the Bible Study at any time.
If you miss a week or two, that is fine, you can watch the episode at home and join us when you are available. Please notify Kim Jackson if you did not sign up and would like to join or if you are going to be unable to attend a specific week.
Video and Discussion Only
For those who are not able to make it at 5:00 for dinner, you are welcome to join us for the episode and discussion. We plan on viewing each episode at 5:45.


Kindness Update – The Kind Mayonnaise!

(Photos from Good News Network – Nov. 10, 2022)
True to my Southern heritage, Dukes Mayonnaise is and always has been my family’s mayo of choice. So, just imagine how proud I was to find the following story on the Good News Network that connects Duke’s origin to kindness!
During the week of Veterans Day this year, 200 volunteers in Greenville, SC came together to make 10,000 sandwiches in one day to give away to local food banks, schools, soup kitchens, and shelters. They were also honoring the amazing legacy of Eugenia Duke, a local woman who bucked every norm 100 years ago to start a business on her own (Duke’s Mayonnaise)—and support soldiers in World War I. They were following in Mrs. Duke’s footprints of kindness: She famously made 10,000 sandwiches in 1 day to support soldiers during World War 1.
In 1917, Eugenia Duke and her daughter Martha began selling homemade sandwiches for 10 cents each at Army canteens to make extra money for their family in Greenville during the war. Her pimento cheese, bacon, and mayonnaise sandwiches were quite popular and she got so many requests from soldiers at nearby Camp Sevier that she started bottling her homemade mayo four years later. Her Duke’s Mayonnaise became a beloved condiment that is still sold on grocery shelves in much of the United States.
This year’s volunteers used about one ton of homemade pimento and cheddar cheese salad to assemble 10,000 sandwiches inside the historic pavilion in downtown Greenville which is the same location of the original Duke’s Mayonnaise factory. They had 200 volunteers – I bet the number of helpers Eugenia Duke had 100 years ago was in the one-digit category!
Like Eugenia Duke and the volunteers in Greenville, we are all called to show kindness to others. We learn of a young parent’s example of shaping kindness in the lives of her children in this week’s kindness entry: As parents, we consider it an act of kindness when we receive indications that our adult children are making wise choices in their selection of friends. I was blessed to have that feeling recently when my daughter’s friend shared with me from her devotional time with her children as she drove them to school one morning.
Have you seen God today? If you see God at work this week, there are two ways you can share what you saw!
1) Be a blessing to others by sharing your Act of Kindness (no names please) on our website, or use this link! Then check back each week to learn how others are passing on acts of kindness! The link is
2) There is a Kindness box in the library on the window sill, along with paper and pencil. Share your God-Wink, perhaps someone else will be inspired!